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  I kai company all my colleagues to express to you my most sincere greetings!Relying on superior employment mechanism, Octagon doors to talented people, satisfied elite in all corners; relying on innovation, our company scale rapidly expanding fission, brand value soared; relying enterprising ambition, the state legislature would "create the domestic first-class enterprises," the oath, confirmed among entrepreneurs in the enterprise.
  Reform and development, so that the state legislature glow of youth and vigor, in the broad market economy, has been an unprecedented development and growth. Here, I sincerely thank long been concerned about the state legislature to help and care for the growth of leadership at all levels, domestic and foreign partners and customers, and to you my highest respect! Nippon brilliant, can not do without the sea all the friends inside and outside the concern and support. Tianxiang thank those who contribute to the development of people and the play of light and heat are company employees, everyone of them in front of us flashed their wisdom Emmanuel, which is our wealth, but also our values.
  With your help and concern, the state legislature will be more entrepreneurial path full of vitality and hope. Today's China is increasingly integrated into the state legislature in the process of integration in the world, with the enterprise-class management, first-class team, first-class products and continually enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises through the capital operation and brand management will quickly become bigger, stronger to the world. In the new century, the state legislature will be more firm steps into this era. We will be innovative and enterprising spirit, more specialized services, the use of more advanced tools to meet customer business development and dissemination of new age needs.
  My friends, let us join hands again, and dedication of our wisdom and love!
  I wish you health!

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