Use and precautions of power tools

Source: Zhejiang Libang Electric Co.,Ltd.Release time: 2019-08-16

1. Do not abuse power tools, according to the use and scope of the appropriate power tools, choose the appropriate design rating power tools will make you work more effective, more safe.

2. If the switch of the power tool cannot be turned on or off, the power tool cannot be used. Power tools that cannot be controlled by a switch are dangerous and must be repaired.

3. Remove the plug from the power supply or remove the battery case from the power supply before making any adjustment, replacing accessories or storing power tools. This protective measure will reduce the risk of sudden start of power tools.

4. Always keep cutting tools sharp and clean. Do not use cutting tools with cracks, chipped edges or blunted edges, which may cause damage to power tools and personal safety.

5. Use power tools, accessories and tool cutters in strict accordance with the operation instructions and the special type requirements of the power tools to be used, considering the operating conditions and operations. Using power tools for operations that do not comply with requirements can be hazardous.

6. When connecting the power supply, ensure that the voltage of the power supply is the same as that marked on the tool nameplate. When the power supply voltage is higher than the applicable voltage of the tool, it will cause serious accidents to the user and damage to the tool itself. If you cannot determine the voltage of the power supply, do not plug in casually, need to inform a professional electrician for confirmation.

7. Avoid small talk at work. Distractions can make you lose control.

8. Use proper force when operating power tools. Proper progress control, excessive or excessive force will not improve work efficiency, but will damage the tool and the tool itself.

9. It is strictly forbidden to overload the use of power tools or do operations beyond the functions of the tools themselves, which will cause serious damage to the tools themselves.